“Just When You Thought You Were In Shape!”

Yoglates II is Baton Rouge's largest, hottest (literally!) and ONLY heated yoga studio. We opened our doors on August 8th, 2009 and are located at 3753 Perkins Road near Juban's restaurant. We invite you to come check out our flagship location's 3100 square foot facility which includes showers, locker rooms, and the "hall of tranquility." Our second location is at 722 Highlandia, near I-10 and Highland Road.

Yoglates is unique in that we change our routine every seven (7) days. Our muscular structure and skeletal system are constantly being stimulated from different angles, thus keeping the body guessing. Some weeks we may include more pilates or yoga in our workouts. Other routines might involve more squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups. Regardless of the routine, one constant is that our workouts always include cardiovascular benefits balanced with muscle toning, strengthening and stretching. We believe in stimulating the internal organs and practicing poses that drain the lymphatic system.

Why so hot? Heat not only elevates the heart rate, but the muscles become more pliable when warm, thus reducing the risk of injury.

No where else will you be able to find a ONE hour workout that is equivalent to:
a.) 60 minutes of resistance training, 

b.) 60 minutes of cardiovascular training, AND 

c.) 60 minutes of stretching.

This is, quite simply, the single most effective use of one’s time for anybody wanting the TOTAL BODY WORKOUT.

We offer different packages which are customized to fit your lifestyle, but NO CONTRACTS!

As the owners of Yoglates II, Lorilin Braymer and Susan Marchand are proud to be able to offer you Louisiana's best workout. We are home grown. We are local. We live here and work here. This is the BEST WORKOUT IN THE SEC. It's time to "train outside the box" and see why adolescents, adults, students, senior citizens and athletes from the collegiate to the professional levels are able to workout in the same room.

No matter the shape you’re in or may not be in, this is for you! Often times, people think they need to get in shape first before trying Yoglates II. This is not true! Everyone starts from the beginning no matter what shape you’re in. We never master this; the body will always continue to challenge us.

You will experience numerous benefits once you start practicing: stress relief, increase in core strength, and a longer and leaner body, just to name a few! You can easily burn up to 700 calories in one class!

You never know who might be on a mat next to you! It isn’t uncommon for our studio to be filled with members ranging from 12 years to 78 years old. Our members are from all ages, lifestyles and shapes.

You’ll want to bring a Yoga mat, water bottle, towel and an open mind! Dress in something you feel good in and will be comfortable moving the body in many different positions.

As members we share a common thread. Step on the mat, turn your “to-do” list off and get to work!