Ashley Murphy

Ashley Murphy has made fitness a priority for many years. Volleyball and running were her first passions. After high school, volleyball continued (but on a beach) and running was supplemented with weight training. Then in 2012, a friend mentioned Yoglates to her and she decided to give it a try. There was an instant connection and, over time, Yoglates has become Ashley┬╣s primary fitness training methodology. Her interest and belief in this fitness program became so high that she decided to pursue it as a vocation. In 2014, Ashley became certified to teach Yoglates. Ashley now enthusiastically learns all she can about Yoglates and looks forward to sharing all of these methods and her own insights with others who come through the program. Because of the constantly changing Yoglates routines, she is continually in a learning mode when it comes to this program and that makes her own Yoglates workouts and her teachings more enjoyable. Ashley enjoys trying to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle and Yoglates is an excellent platform to be able to point them towards.

Ashley is a lifetime resident of Baton Rouge.

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