What do I need to bring?
Towel, mat and water bottle. We rent towels and mats for $3, water $1.

I've never done yoga or pilates before. Can I still come?
No experience required. All you need is your physician's permission, and a tolerance for heat!

I'm so out of shape. Will I be able to participate?
Absolutely! We have everything from beginners to professional athletes, carpool moms to grandparents, in almost every class.

Do I need to sign up early?
No appointments necessary. Just drop in and take a class.

Do I need to get there early?
New people should arrive 20 minutes before class starts. This will give you a chance to talk with your instructor. Everyone else, 5 - 15 minutes before class starts.

Do you have daycare?
No daycare. Children with good attention spans who are at least 10 years of age are welcome to pay for and take a class with you.

May I observe a class before taking one?
No observing allowed. Take the class and participate as much as you can.

What if I can't do exactly what the teacher is doing?
The instructor will demonstrate modifications for every pose taught.

1. No phones allowed. Must be off and out of sight.
2. No talking allowed.
3. No music or headphones allowed.
4. No shoes inside studio.
5. No reserving mat spaces. If you have a favorite spot to work out in, get here early.
6. Please follow instructor; no improvising with your own poses. Great if you can break out into a headstand from a crow, but if that isn't what the instructor is teaching, it isn't allowed.