Jenna Deer

Jenna grew up in Slidell, LA, and is currently a student at LSU. Her hobbies include hiking, kayaking, traveling and running with her three-legged pup :) Jenna’s fitness background is mainly gymnastics, which she did it for as long as her body allowed her to. She planned on continuing gymnastics in college, but injuries steered her path in a different direction, and by the middle of senior year, she had to give it up. “Coming in to college without it and transitioning into figuring out how to workout my body without gymnastics was very strange. I started going to the gym, which was my first time ever really touching weights. I tried Crossfit, as well, which was rough on my joints. All the conditioning we did in gymnastics was with your own body weight, and I couldn’t quite find something I had liked since then. I bulked up like crazy from the gym, and my best friend suggested I come try Yoglates with her. I think I recall laughing and telling her there’s no way that would compensate as a workout. Against what I thought, I decided to go one day. I left sweating and still kind of uncertain about it. But the challenge of the heat is what brought me back. My first class was at the end of May/beginning of June 2015 with Mimi, and I left drenched. I signed up for a month, and by the end of it I was hooked. I think I was really drawn to it because just like gymnastics, there’s an artistry to it that requires a lot of technique and form. The best part was that it also, for the most part, only used body weight. Within about 6 months, I really noticed how much my body leaned, and I finally started to like my body again. About a year late, Ashley and Lisa really pushed for me to become a Perkins Certified Yoglates Instructor, and I can’t thank them enough now for doing so.”

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